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What are the gross and net salaries? How to calculate net salaries from gross salary?

According to INSEE (French National Institute for statistics), the salary is the payment of a job agreed between a worker and his employer.

The gross salary corresponds to the total money perceived by the worker based on his job contract.

The net salary is the salary that the worker really gets on his bank account, when all mandatory social contributions have been paid. In France, the social contributions paid by workers account for around 23% of the gross salary. The employer also pays a significant contribution to social contributions (for social security, retirement,...) in addition to contributions paid by workers : they contribute for almost 50% of the worker gross salary, which means that the net salary that the worker gets is almost half of its real cost for employer when all social contributions are paid. Comparing a foreign gross salary with a French gross salary does not make a lot of sense as the French worker salary includes a lots of benefits which other non French workers would have to pay for with their net salaries (medication, retirement, unemployment benefits ...).

Our above calculator allows you to simply convert a gross salary into a net salary and vice versa taking into account the level of mandatory social contributions.

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