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Baulou (09000)

Midi-Pyrénées > Ariège

Key data

Average income per householdRevenu moyen des ménages de cette ville en 2011 Not available 
(only cities with 2000+ inhabitants)
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Breakdown of households in BaulouBreakdown of households (source INSEE)
38 %
19 %
Couple without kids
6 %
Single-parent family
38 %
Couple with kids

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Local and national comparisons

Net income per householdRanking of net income of household by city compared to 9 closest cities
Comparison to other neighbor cities
standard of livingRanking of standard of living of city households compared with 9 neighboring cities
Comparison to other neighbor cities
Standard of living evolution over 1 yearComparison of standard of living progress over 1 year for closest cities
Comparison to other neighbor cities
Standard of living evolution over 1 yearComparison of standard of living progress over 5 years for closest cities
Comparison to other neighbor cities
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Evolution of incomes in Baulou

Evolution of incomes per householdBreakdown of households income for the city by decile
Baulou :  3.9 % over 5 years
Ariège :  14.1 % over 5 years
Ranking of city in household incomesEvolution of city ranking in household income
Evolution over 7 years :  6432 ranks down
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Evolution of standard of livingEvolution over 7 years    The standard of living is calculated by dividing the household income by the number of consumptions units (UC). A UC is counted as follows: A 14+ yo child counts for 0,5 UC and 0,3 UC if he is less than 14. First adult counts for 1 UC and any additional adult in the household for 0,5 UC. The standard of living reflects the purchasing power of an household taking into account shared spendings like rents, heating ...
Baulou :  28.1 % over 5 years
Ariège :  16.6 % over 5 years
City ranking in standard of livingEvolution of city ranking in standard of living
Evolution over 7 years :  3496 ranks up
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Demography and positions in Baulou

Job of household headBreakdown of households per household head occupation. The household head is defined by INSEE (man when in a couple)
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