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Manager of large area if sal from 10 to 49.      Change job
INSEE category Category of this job according to INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics) Business entrepreneurs, from 10 to 49 employees (233c)
Number of workers
in this category Number of workers with this job in France
around 14 600 workers in France
Source for salaries Source of data in volume and value INSEE / mandatory companies statements to social entities (extrapolated)

How much does a Manager of large area if sal from 10 to 49. make?

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Employees who are employed as Manager of large area if sal from 10 to 49. are mostly men and most frequently between 45 and 50 y.o. In that position, employees often benefit from a Fixed contract contract. Companies employing most employees in that category are mostly in the 1 to 9 employees range.

Split of workers by sexSplit of workers by sex
79 %
21 %
Split of workers by ageSplit of workers by age

Split by contract types Split by contract types
Unavailable data
Split by company size Split by company size
Unavailable data

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