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SMIC definition: what is the French minimum wage (SMIC)?

The SMIC (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance) - is the guarranteed minimum level of salary you can get for a job in France. It was created in 1970 (under the name SMIG). It applies both for the private or public sector and for all employees above 18 years old (except trainees). The minimum does not apply for the fixed salary itself : the salary can be variable depending on performance, but the total of money the employee gets at the end of the month must be greater that the SMIC level.

Since 2010, the level of SMIC increases automatically on January 1st every year depending on inflation + half of the average salary of workers for the past year. An autonomatic increase occurs if inflation gets above 2% in the middle of the year. The government can also decide to increase the SMIC if desired.

Current minimum salary level (SMIC)

Voici le niveau du SMIC au 1er Janvier 2014 :

Hourly SMIC rate 9,53 € gross / hour
Monthly gross SMIC 1445,38 € gross / month
Net monthly SMIC 1128,72 € net / month

Historical evolution of the SMIC over the last 30 years

Le SMIC a progressé régulièrement ces 30 dernières années pour tenir compte de l'inflation et des gains de productivité. De 2,04 € bruts / heure en 1980, il est passé à 9,53 € bruts / heure en 2014.

The monthly SMIC gross level increased parallely to the hourly SMIC rate, with the exception of 2005, when the 35 hours week was put in place. While the hourly increase continued, the monthly SMIC decreased to take into account shorter hours (35 against 39 hours).

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