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Income per household for every city in France is the first website publishing income per household for all French cities

A household from a statistical perspective is a group of people living in the same location whether those people have family relations or not. A couple of people not being married is considered as a household. A household can only comprise one person, for example a student.

The income per household indicated in our pages corresponds to "activity income" i.e. the total amount of money (salaries, rents, benefits) made by the household excepted money from interests. also provides the salary by socio-professional category for the biggest cities: those salaries are net of social charges as displayed at the bottom of the pay slips and includes bonuses.

To calculate those data, relies on reliable sources (INSEE and French Finance Ministry).

Salaries by job position in France is the only website offering detailed salaries figures for more than 6500 French job positions. The average salaries are calculated based on the analysis of 6,3M of profiles of French employees.

The data we publish is reliable: they are based on mandatory declaration of French companies to welfare agencies. They rely on 2010 salary figures updated to reflect 2012 levels.

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